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Commercial Spaces

We specialize in designing and maintaining artificial foliage in any commercial venue,
including restaurants, hotels, airports, office buildings, malls and retail spaces.

Greenify Your Commercial Space

As Canada’s largest supplier of custom artificial foliage, we have everything your commercial space needs. Our vast inventory, in-house manufacturing capabilities, extensive network of local and international resources, strong green mandate, and excellence in craftsmanship ensure you have a fantastic experience.

Our professional team adheres to the highest safety standards and can meet demanding administrative requirements and stringent scheduling needs. We also provide monthly or yearly maintenance options that ensure your investment always looks its best.
the loft restaurant with artifical cactus, hanging wicker chairs and long white troughs with artificial tropical greenery

Restaurants & Hospitality

Greenery, without any limits.

A restaurant’s atmosphere is just as important as the food. But maintaining ambiance can be both time-consuming and expensive. Artificial foliage is the answer!

Our plantscapes, replica trees, green walls, and privacy screens look amazing year round and work in any environment, indoors or out! From walkways to courtyards and patios to rooftop gardens, we can help you create a welcoming and inspiring atmosphere for your guests.

Enjoy modern green walls, privacy screens, full-size trees, decorative topiaries, colourful flowerbeds and hanging baskets, and beautiful, natural landscaping all without the hassle or cost of live-plant maintenance.

Public Facilities

Hassle-free beautification for your public space.

Are you looking for a low maintenance way to add greenery and beauty to your public space? As Canada’s leading experts in artificial foliage rentals, we have the answer!

Our team of décor specialists have extensive experience helping community centres, neighbourhood pools, and other public facilities create welcoming spaces for their guests. We work with any design requirement and budget to incorporate a variety of décor elements.

We’ll take care of everything from the design consultation to onsite installation and ongoing maintenance. That way, you’ll get all the benefits of greenery without the hassle and cost of live-plant maintenance.

four artificial birch trees inside seating booths at louhgeed mall food court, the eateries

Malls & Retail Spaces

Improving your customer experience.

In today’s competitive retail environment, creating an experience that feels inviting and makes shoppers enjoy their time can give you a significant leg up. Many studies have shown that indoor plants can improve people’s mood and increase their energy.

From storefront window displays to holiday sets to full interior and exterior landscapes, we’ve got you and your retail space covered. We design the concept based on your vision, take care of all planning and project management, handle all permit and safety regulations, install, set up, and take down our installations, and we even provide ongoing maintenance.

Custom Greenery

Connect to nature.

Our team of fauxtanical experts have designed a vast array of lush, green showstoppers from potted artificial greenery to green walls to privacy screening using plants and hedges and everything in-between.

two artificial olive trees on natural wood trunks in the middle of banquette seating in a restaurant

Custom Trees

Bring your decor to new heights!

Trees make stunning backdrops, aisle décor, or foyer focal points. With Greenscape, your design options are endless. We can create any tree in any size, using natural wood or sculpted epoxy trunks or vibrant foliage or bare branches. We also have flame retardant or UV and weather protected options for indoor or outdoor custom greenery. See why Greenscape is even better than nature!

Bring Your Space To Life With Greenscape

Need Inspiration? Browse Our Gallery

Fire retardant artificial greenery on an office wall with sansevieria plants in modern planters.
Red and burgundy floral ceiling by Greenscape Design at Black and Blue Restaurant in Vancouver.
Custom design by Greenscape Design featuring preserved reindeer moss with signage in Vancouver.
Preserved reindeer moss art wall by Greenscape Design in a commercial space.
Artificial tropical plants in decorative planters at Moxie's Restaurant, provided by Greenscape Design.
Artificial greenery planters by Greenscape Design at Moxie's Restaurant in Vancouver.
Custom moss wall art circle frames interspersed between decorative ceramic plates on a restaurant wall.
Modern artificial traveler palm in planter next to banquette seating at a restaurant in Vancouver.
Artificial mixed tropical greenery planter
Artificial greenery in planters, on walls, and overhead at Mekong Whistler, designed by Greenscape Design.
Artificial mixed greenery trailing from overhead planters at Mekong Whistler, designed by Greenscape Design
Custom artificial floral planter by Greenscape Design at Lux Skin Lab in Vancouver, featuring pink, white, and cream florals and greenery in a white planter against a white wall.
Artificial greenery ceiling decor by Greenscape Design in the Havana Flamingo Room.
Exterior UV inherent Liriope plants, artificial plants on a Vancouver restaurant outdoor patio.
Custom interior artificial Sanseveria by Greenscape Design at Millworker Rockit Restaurant decor in Whistler.
Modern white planters with artificial greenery by Greenscape Design line the seating area at Coquitlam Centre food court.
Artificial greenery planters by Greenscape Design framing guest seating areas at Coquitlam Centre eateries.
Artificial pothos hanging planters by Greenscape Design at Coquitlam Centre food court.
Commercial artificial plants by Greenscape Design adorn a restaurant interior in Vancouver.
Artificial green wall by Greenscape Design frames the payment counter at Coastal Green Cannabis retailer in Vancouver.
Branded preserved moss wall by Greenscape Design at EA Sports head office in Vancouver.
Artificial succulent planter by Greenscape Design embedded in a bench in an office setting.
Artificial Sansevieria planters by Greenscape Design enhance the interior design of Rockit Coffee in Whistler.
Artificial potted plants in a Vancouver restaurant interior design, positioned next to a window.
Artificial plants in decorative planters by Greenscape Design adorn Moxies Georgia restaurant in Vancouver.
Artificial olive tree by Greenscape Design adds elegance to Linh Cafe in Vancouver.
Artificial IFR greenery by Greenscape Design on a green wall in a Vancouver office space.
aux hanging greenery by Greenscape Design at Sequoia Presentation Centre in Vancouver, against a wood wall.
Custom artificial green wall by Greenscape Design, enhancing commercial interior design in Vancouver.
Lifelike artificial exterior olive tree at Tsawwassen Centre, designed by Greenscape Design
Vibrant artificial tropical plants in planters adorn the restaurant, adding a touch of exotic greenery.
6ft tall artificial ficus bush in a decorative planter in a corner by an elevator
Condo patio with artificial green wall feature decor piece
Artificial fiddle leaf fig plant in a square planter in a home corner next to a painting
Artificial travelers palm tree in a black decorative pot in a residential hallway
Artificial dracaena plant in a concrete planter next to a bench and glass wall
mixed greenery in a red fibreglass planter
12' tall Olive tree in a grey fibreglass round planter with a natural wood multiple branch trunk.
mixed artificial greenery to create a curved wave pattern on a back wall of a retail store
custom branded preserved moss and plant wall with corporate branding for and office lobby
5 artificial plants in copper wall hanging pots
artificial plants arranged over a workspace desk
small artificial plants in white wall hanging planters making a office display
Artificial green wall in the corner of an office lobby
Preserved plant and moss wall installed in a wall next to windows in a commercial office space
large commercial deciduous trees in planters
4 black planters filled with 20ft tall artificial trees set against a wall in a convention centre
Convention centre display area filled with prairie style landscape comprised of artificial trees, plants, and grasses
Alcove in a convention centre filled with artificial trees and plants to mimic an Albertan landscape
Geometric frames filled with artificial greenery on a white wall in a convention centre
Custom Artificial Cottonwood tree Greenscape Design Vancouver
Greenscape Design Commercial Custom Artificial Tree
Custom Artificial Cottonwood Tree Decor Ideas for Office Lobby
2 replica willow trees in square grey planters against a convention centre wall
Greenscape Design Interior Design Ideas Artificial Areca Palm and Zamia in White Planters
Greenscape Design Custom Preserved Moss Wall Frame Vancouver
Greenscape Design Artificial Potted Areca and Zamia Plants for Interior Design in White Concrete Planters
Greenscape Design Artificial Plant Artificial Travellers Palm Tree Vancouver in white planter
trio of mixed greenery planters in grey fibreglass planters in a convention centre
Greenscape Design Preserved Moss Wall Ideas Vancouver
Greenscape Design Commercial Space Preserved Moss Wall Art
Greenscape Design Interior Planter Grouping Faux Plants and Greenery
Greenscape Design Commercial Potted Artificial Greenery Retail Space
Greenscape Design Preserved Plant and Moss Wall
preserved moss wall with konks
Custom Commercial Preserved Moss Wall
artificial potted olive tree
artificial olive trees
exterior potted greenery
artificial palm trees in planters
replica arbutus tree
oversize green boxwood letters
All preserved moss and plant green wall including fern moss, amaranthus, salal and ferns for office reception wall
convention center walls with custom artificial greenery set into existing sculptural features on the wall
dark green preserved moss and grenery wall in dark wood frame on white wall, photo straight on
Dark green preserved moss and plant green wall in dark wood stained frame on white wall
Artificial olive trees on natural wood trunks with mixed artificial and preserved greenery as ground cover set in the centre of a yellow upholstered banquette
Large yellow upholstered banquette with wood tables in restaurant with 3 custom sized artificial olive trees on natural wood trunks set in the centre of the banquette
Custom artificial olive trees on natural wood trucks with mixed greenery ground cover set in yellow tufted banquette centre
Giant strip of hanging wheat ceiling treatment installation in japanese restaurant
Mixed dried and preserved pampas cloud hanging ceiling treatment
Mixed leafy artificial green wall in office lobby
Trio of white fibreglass rounded planters with mixed artificial greenery arrangements, wood panelling background
Large white round fibreglass planter with grasses and mixed greenery, wood paneling background.
Two large black fibreglass planters with tropical greenery in the foreground with tall trough and tree of tropical greenery in background
Trio of oversized black fibreglass round planters with bird of paradise and philodendron plants
Asymmetrical outdoor red japanese maple tree as centre of water feature in residential home.
Outdoor artificial red japanese maple tree on natural trunk planted in centre of artificial pond.
Close up of wood framed preserved moss and greenery wall with wood cookie accent
Full wall covered in artificial boxwood greenery, around a white board in a board room
large preserved reindeer moss wall detail with inset TV in Kia car dealership
curved preserved moss millwork detailing in Kia car dealership with smaller detailing in background
four artificial birch trees inside seating booths at louhgeed mall food court, the eateries
artificial green wall in wave shape on wall at cannabis dispensary
mixed green wall with mixed preserved moss and artificial greenery in wave shape at cannabis dispensary
mixed preserved moss and artificial greenery green wall in wave shape at cannabis dispensary
preserved moss, mixed in circle shape on the wall behind a vintage vw bug
Hanging white planters in two sizes, filled with various artificial greenery, hanging over cubicles for office decor.
White metal hanging planters, two sizes with various artificial greenery hanging over cubicles
All preserved moss and plant green wall including fern moss, amaranthus, salal and ferns for office reception wall
close up of black hexagon planters with various artificial greenery
Black hexagon wall planters filled with various artificial greenery for office building kitchen wall decor
hanging planters from rope on wall bar anchor filled with artificial mixed greenery including baby tear, air plants and succulents, in office building coffee bar
White hexagon planters as wall decor for coffee bar entrance in office building
Full artificial landscape at YVR international departures creekside featuring ferns, grasses, and large artificial maple trees
Artificial hanging greenery, custom built for light fixture surround, fire retardant
Full custom landscape of artificial grass and ferns, driftwood, logs and rocks
Custom light fixture made of driftwood and edison bulb lighting
Custom hanging greenery over bar and light fixture at The Belmont
Full custom artificial landscape feature at YVR airport creekside, international departures
Custom hanging greenery treatment for shelving, fire retardant in commercial restaurant
Driftwood sculpture with artificial grass and sand pit for IDS tradeshow
Single olive tree as banquette focal point in dining room at Flores and Pine restaurant in Calgary
Artificial olive trees over banquette seating at Flores and Pine restaurant in Calgary
artificial maple tree on natural trunk in black cylinder planter for showroom decor
Oversized banyan tree with epoxy sculpted trunk as pillar wrap with 27' wide canopy at VIVO community centre
Mixed tree variety, birch, aspen and willow, in fibreglass planters, movable for various event decor at the Calgary Telus Convention Centre
VIVO 27' wide canopy tree with epoxy sculpted trunk as pillar wrap at community centre
Tall Birch trees on natural wood trunks in large metal cylinder planters placed throughout international terminal at the Calgary Airport
Cutom half tree against wall, epoxy sculpted trunk with maple foliage for Restaurant decor
Cherry Blossom Tree on natural wood trunk, custom and modular to come apart for presentation centre
Commercial installation of large poplar tree in large cedar planter, outdoor patio space in Banff
Large scale evergreen trees in River Rock Casino and Resort lobby
Oversized evergreen display with tall evergreen trees in hospitality space of Sawridge Inn Edmonton
Large scale artificial evergreen trees in onsite millwork at Saw Ridge Edmonton
Thirty foot tall oak tree on sculpted epoxy trunk in grocery store display
Large canopy banyan tree as pillar wrap on sculpted epoxy trunk in community centre, VIVO
Artificial Birch Tree on natural wood trunk inside bar banquette seating in food cour
Cherry Blossom Tree as pillar surround in CEFA childcare facility, sculpted epoxy trunk. artificial white cherry blossoms
YYC, the Calgary Airport Authority artificial large scale trees in cylinder metal planters, throughout the international terminal
Artificial olive tree inside banquette at Flores and Pine restaurant, Alberta
Clients metal white planter filled with artificial tropical greenery including zamia and philodendron for restaurant decor
Aluminum tower planters, custom size with artificial sansevieria or snake plant in office lobby in New Westminster
Artificial cactus and tropical plant mix including zamia and philodendron in clients planters
Metal planters by client, filled with artificial tropical plant mix including zamia and philodendron at The Loft
Black and gold contemporary planter and planter stands with artificial fiddle leaf and dracaena plants for restaurant decor
Artificial zamia, philodendron and spathiphyllum plants in black planters on gold stands, for restaurant decor
Artificial spathiphyllum in oversized fibreglass planter for elevator lobby in office building
Artificial bromeliad and snake plant in custom tall steel tower planters
Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig plant in fibreglass fluted planters, residential lobby decor
Cement planters with mixed artificial grasses, large scale, in office lobby
Uptown Properties, New West, outdoor office lobby commercial steel cylinder planters with artificial agave and succulents
Custom driftwood and grass display in Harbour Centre food court
Large scale commercial planters with artificial grasses, outdoor driveway entrance
Artificial cedar topiary hedges for restaurant covered patio decor
Burgoo restaurant patio decor featuring artificial grasses, bamboo and mixed greenery in cedar planters
Covered patio decor at Brix and Mortar restaurant with custom potted artificial greenery
All preserved moss wall utilizing two toned moss to create clients logo, framed in clients steel frame
Preserved moss panel with artificial greenery accents creating a pillar wrap for retail space
Artificial green wall panel made of tropical foliage with custom sign and seating by client
Close up shot of artificial green wall utilizing preserved moss, artificial greenery mats and succulents for office wall decor panel
Artificial Green Wall art panel with preserved moss and tree wood cookie accents
Preserved moss and artificial succulent green wall framed tryptic, custom aluminum frames for office lobby decor
Artificial Green wall, unframed with custom sign by client, with salal, ivy and dusty miller
Artificial Green Wall framed with all succulents and painted wood frame for Moxie's Restaurants
Artificial Green Wall panels with preserved reindeer moss and artificial plants for hair salon
Artificial green wall in wood frame featuring preserved moss and artificial plants for Moxie's Restaurants
Custom Boxwood parrot shape for restaurant patio branding
Boxwood single ball topiaries on natural wood trunks in cement tapered planters, patio decor
Custom built logo and letters made of boxwood

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