Commercial Spaces

We specialize in designing and maintaining artificial foliage in any commercial venue, including restaurants, hotels, airports, office buildings, malls and retail spaces.

As Canada’s largest supplier of custom artificial foliage, we have create everything your commercial space needs. Our vast inventory, in-house manufacturing capabilities, extensive network of local and international resources, strong green mandate, and excellence in craftsmanship ensure you have a fantastic experience.

Our professional team adheres to safety standards and can meet demanding administrative requirements and stringent scheduling needs. We also provide monthly or yearly maintenance options that ensure your investment always looks its best.

Restaurants & Hospitality

Greenery, without any limits.

A restaurant’s atmosphere is just as important as the food. But maintaining ambiance can be both time-consuming and expensive. Artificial foliage is the answer!

Our plantscapes, replica trees, green walls, and privacy screens look amazing year round and work in any environment, indoors or out! From walkways to courtyards and patios to rooftop gardens, we can help you create a welcoming and inspiring atmosphere for your guests.

Enjoy modern green walls, privacy screens, full-size trees, decorative topiaries, colourful flowerbeds and hanging baskets, and beautiful, natural landscaping all without the hassle or cost of live-plant maintenance.

Public Facilities

Hassle-free beautification for your public space.

Are you looking for a low maintenance way to add greenery and beauty to your public space? As Canada’s leading experts in artificial foliage rentals, we have the answer!

Our team of décor specialists have extensive experience helping community centres, neighbourhood pools, and other public facilities create welcoming spaces for their guests. We work with any design requirement and budget to incorporate a variety of décor elements.

We’ll take care of everything from the design consultation to onsite installation and ongoing maintenance. That way, you’ll get all the benefits of greenery without the hassle and cost of live-plant maintenance.

Malls & Retail Spaces

Improving your customer experience.

In today’s competitive retail environment, creating an experience that feels inviting and makes shoppers enjoy their time can give you a significant leg up. Many studies have shown that indoor plants can improve people’s mood and increase their energy.

From storefront window displays to holiday sets to full interior and exterior landscapes, we’ve got you and your retail space covered. We design the concept based on your vision, take care of all planning and project management, handle all permit and safety regulations, install, set up, and take down our installations, and we even provide ongoing maintenance.

Bring Your Space To Life With Greenscape

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