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Thu, Sep 16th, 2021

6 Reasons Fake Plants Are The Most Practical Options For Your Home

Excellent Reasons Fake Plants Are The Most Practical

For many homeowners, the decision to decorate with fake plants or real plants can depend on a wide variety of factors and considerations. Many people only let the cosmetic elements of the plants influence their decision on which type of plant to use when accenting their home. Other people base their decision on the amount of time they have for care and upkeep. 

There are several important reasons why choosing fake plants could be a more practical idea than the real alternative. 

Here are 6 reasons why fake plants could be a better idea for your home.


1. Allergy Sufferers

Allergies - Image of a woman blowing her nose with a tissue

You know how much of a struggle dealing with pollen and other plant debris can be if you suffer from seasonal or plant-based allergies. Despite these struggles, many homeowners power through their coughing and sneezing to have the opportunity to fill their home with their favorite species of plant.

Choosing a high-quality faux plant could eliminate the suffering. Lifelike fake plants with detailed elements are a great alternative to the real thing. You can relieve your sneezing and coughing while still having beautiful plant décor and accessories in your home and the mood improving benefits of being surrounded by nature.


2. Mischievous Pets

Image of a dog digging up on a garden bed

Any homeowner with an affinity for plant life and who also owns a cat or dog has almost certainly dealt with accidents involving plants, dirt, and water (at least in the puppy or kitten stage). Even as some pets grow older, they still carry with them their desire to chew plant and greenery items they might deem as tasty. While most live houseplants are safe, there are some species that can be harmful or toxic to pets or even young children, and replica plants can help relieve the worry of accidental ingestion.

At first, your pet may wander to take a nibble or dig at your new faux plant arrangement. However, your four-legged friend will quickly realize that the replica decoy wasn’t nearly as tasty as they originally hoped. 

With a bit of luck, you could quickly escape the stress of having your plants eaten or dirt scattered across your living room by your fur friends or inquisitive toddlers! 


3. Decorating Darker Rooms

Fake plants on decorating dark rooms

If you have darker rooms in your home that don’t have a point of entry for natural lighting, you’ve likely suffered from the disappointment of not being able to put plants in these rooms. This can be especially disappointing if the room is a focal point for visitors, as the room loses a key element of your personal touch

Owning fake plants can quickly remedy this issue and bring new life into those dark rooms in your home. Every square inch of your house turns into a possible location for faux plants as natural light becomes a non-factor. This can bring exciting new decorating elements into your home that didn’t exist before. 


4. Lack of a Green Thumb

Reasons Fake Plants Are Practical Options - lack of green thumb

This might be a factor that many of us hate to admit, but the lack of a green thumb keeps a good percentage of homeowners from having plants as a decorative element. A quality selection of faux plants takes this issue out of the equation. 

Truthfully, this may be the number one reason many homeowners choose to utilize fake plants in the first place (in secret). Fake plants become a lifesaver for any homeowner lacking a green thumb.


5. No Need to Water

Low Maintenance

If you travel often or have a hectic schedule, you may have forgotten your plant's watering schedule. This often leads to the untimely end of your home plant’s life. 

You can still enjoy the beneficial elements or your favorite plants by using high-quality replica versions of them. Your busy schedule is excused when there’s no need for watering, fertilizing, or pruning.


6. Price-Efficient

Fake Plants are Price efficient

Many fake plants (especially high-quality versions) can be more expensive than the organic alternative. However, when factoring in the lifetime of usage you get from a fake plant, the savings become clear. 

While a real plant may only last a season indoors, when the plant meets its end so does the money you invested in that plant. Your investment in a faux plant can last a lifetime since the plant never dies!

Hopefully, you’ll take one or more of these considerations with you the next time you’re shopping for plants for your home. Artificial plants can be an acceptable and even preferable alternative, especially when you factor in all the important benefits replica plants have to offer. 


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