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Tue, May 4th, 2021

Having a Hard Time Keeping Your Plants Alive? Go Faux!

We’ve all experienced the loss of a plant. Some of us have probably experienced more brown and shrivelled foliage than we would like to admit. If you’ve been cursed with the dreaded “brown thumb”, you get it, keeping plants alive can be a challenge. Even if you’re lucky enough to have a green thumb, tending to plants can be arduous. It takes time, knowledge and commitment, and plants can be very particular about their care and environment in order to flourish.

Hard Time Keeping Plants Alive

Keeping real plants alive and thriving in a commercial setting can be even more difficult to do than in a residence. Often, commercial spaces don’t have a lot of sunlight, which obviously is a no-go for most species of living plants. Then there’s the hassle associated with watering them regularly, but not too regularly because overwatering can kill them too. What about keeping them at the right temperature? Commercial spaces are often difficult to keep at a consistent enough temperature to satisfy live plants year-round. They need an ideal humidity range too. Your office cactus will not be happy if it’s overly humid and that Calathea by the reception desk? That needs at least 50% humidity year-round or it’s probably going to die.  Oh, and don’t forget to prevent them from harmful airflow. Yes, some plants can die if it’s too drafty, or if they’re next to an air conditioning unit, or a heating vent. Who is going to take care of fertilizing them? That’s easy to forget about in an office, or a hotel lobby, or any commercial space for that matter. Surely, everyone has much better things to do than remembering to fertilize the plants on schedule or keeping an eye out for pesky pests. And, to top it all off, someone is going to have to vacuum the floor when soil gets everywhere. Seriously, live plants can be a ton of work.

There is, fortunately, a solution for those who want all the beautiful benefits of keeping plants in a commercial space without any of the hassle associated with the upkeep of live plants. If this sounds like you, there are some faux plant solutions that can nip your problems in the bud (no pun intended).

Faux Plant and Greenery Solutions for Your Commercial Space

Faux Greenery Solutions Commercial Black Hexagons

Replica and preserved plants look just as brilliant and eye-catching as real plants, but with nowhere near the amount of maintenance required. A high-quality artificial or preserved plant is an excellent way to incorporate greenery into your commercial space. Here’s how artificial plants are one of the top faux plant and greenery solutions out there:

    1. They don’t need soil, sunlight, or water to survive. That’s the majority of your care-taking problems solved in a single step. You won’t have to water them, you won’t have to plant them in soil or clean up soil spills, and they can go anywhere, even in the dark corner of a room with no natural sunlight.
    2. They don’t grow. That means there’s no need to keep them trimmed and pruned, or no fear that they’ll outgrow their designated spot and have to be uprooted and moved. Design to perfectly fit your space, set and forget!
    3. They have a low carbon footprint. Why? Because they don’t need irrigation, and they also don’t need any maintenance. This makes them much more efficient than living plants, particularly if you’re using preserved or artificial plants to create a green or moss wall. If you’ve been looking for faux plant solutions that are sustainable, preserved plants are the answer.
    4. Preserved plants have the added benefit that they don’t create static electricity and don’t attract dust particles to them. To maintain your artificial plants, a quick brush with a feather duster is often all you need to keep them looking their finest.


Faux Greenery Solutions Green Wall

All in all, preserved and faux plants are the answer to your commercial greenery problems. If you’ve been looking for incredibly realistic faux greenery solutions, preserved plants are the answer. Preserved plants look real because they’re made from real plants, to begin with! But the preserving process means you can wave goodbye to all that tedious upkeep and maintenance associated with living plants. What’s more, they’re also one of the faux plant solutions that are the most cost-effective. So, you can get all the benefits of live plants without the hassle or the cost.


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