Rainforests of the World Project 

Rainforests of the World Project 

Rainforests of the World – Our Specialty!

By Corinne Kessel and Stephanie Furlong

When approached to create a proposal for the opening reception of the RIMS Conference at the Vancouver Convention Centre in May, we were thrilled. The concept was Rainforests of the World. We knew we would be able to create a stunning, interactive display. After all, when it comes to trees and forests we pride ourselves on being the experts!

We were challenged to create four distinct spaces: the Pacific Northwest, Southeast Asia, Africa and South America. Christine, our Creative Director, had a vision. She meticulously sketched out each area to create a stunning floor plan for the 40,000 sq ft ballroom. Scent, sound, touch, and sight were brought together to fill the space and excite our guests.  It was a large undertaking and we had our entire staff onsite!

Greenscape Design Setting the Stage    Greenscape Design Prepping the Stage    Greenscape Design Dressing the Stage 1    Greenscape Design Transporting the Buddha    Greenscape Design Buddha in Place    Greenscape Design Buddha Display

For the Pacific Northwest, we wanted to create an old growth forest that would allow guests to mix and mingle within the environment. Winding pathways with towering canopies gave guests the feeling of strolling through a pristine piece of land. To showcase the rich diversity of our host city, all the elements of our temperate rain forest were included.

Greenscape Design Pacific Northwest Rainforest Entrance Decor    Greenscape Design Totem and Greenery    Greenscape Design Haida Canoe

As guests moved through the Pacific Northwest they came upon our Southeast Asia themed pod. We included a towering 12’ Buddha head placed upon a 15’ tiered stage set up, which was draped with burlap, filled with bamboo poles and luscious flowers.

Greenscape Design Southeast Asia Rainforest

In the African display our mission was to capture the mysterious nature of this wild land. Desert sounds and rolling mist were integrated to achieve this effect. To do this we created a 30’ canopy of jungle vines hanging over a pond bed. The pond was even filled with live koi fish!

Greenscape Design African Rainforest Decor    Greenscape Design African Rainforest    Greenscape Design African Display Koi Fish

Our South American display was to be the party station for the entire event. South America is known to be alive with energy and we wanted this display to reflect that same passion.

Greenscape Design South America Decor

At the end of the day, we had created the World Cafe we had dreamed of. We overcame the challenges and pulled off what would be the event we are most proud of yet.  View our video of our set up and our team in action! Greenscape Design RIMS 2011 Video

Thanks to ThreeSixtyPhotography for the pics!