Permanent Plantscapes for your Patio!

Permanent Plantscapes for your Patio!

If there’s one thing we West Coasters love, it’s the outdoors! Anything green is good, in our books, so it’s no wonder that people love to fill their homes, offices, rooftops, balconies and patios with lovely leafy foliage. There’s just one little problem… not ALL of us possess the necessary thumb to keep all that green looking good. Enter: Permanent Plantscapes!

Greenscape-Design-Joeys-Restaurant-Fountain-Grass-Planters-560x420 Greenscape-Design-Green-Bamboo-and-Fountain-Grass-in-Concrete-Planters-Patio-Decor Greenscape Design Natural Bamboo Green Foliage Exterior Privacy Screen Greenscape Design Exterior Snake Grass and Succulent Planter

These days, you really have to inspect a permanent botanical to tell if it’s artificial. More and more people are turning on to the benefits of replica foliage, and they’re turning their water off!  In the hottest months of the year, it only takes a few days without water to dry that cedar out to a crisp, and overwatering will flood your patio and harm your precious petunias. Not to mention, the bugs… oh how they love to linger and end up just inviting themselves right in – from the patio to the pantry.

Greenscape Design Exterior Grass Planters

The benefits of plantscapes are many, and the design applications are endless! Since it’s patio season right around the corner, contact us today for a few beautiful and effective ways to add shade, privacy and life to an otherwise grey slab of concrete!

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