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Sat, Aug 19th, 2023

How to Design a Biophilic Home

How to Design a Biophilic Home

In recent years, infusing our homes with lush greenery has become a timeless trend in interior design. However, not everyone possesses a green thumb (which is completely fine!), leading to a growing demand for artificial plants.

When you typically envision artificial plants, it's easy to conjure images of odd textures and colours that don't quite align with anything found in the natural environment. We understand that this can be a significant turn-off. The last thing we want for your home is for it to look tacky. Rest assured, our agenda does not include the usage of cheap plastics or frayed silk plants.

So, how can you artfully design a biophilic home with artificial greenery without sacrificing aesthetics?

Let's be candid— aesthetics are pivotal. Who can resist interior designs that are visually captivating? The type that evokes feelings of tranquility, delight, or even whimsy! We've marveled at DIY home design videos consistently. A recurring theme we've noticed in these videos is the profusion of lush greenery adorning every nook of these homes. Bathrooms are transformed into luxurious spaces, kitchens are bedecked with bursts of fresh nature that complement your fruit bowl, and living rooms take on an airy or snug ambiance, contingent on the nature of the biophilic design. This is stunning proof that incorporating greenery into your home is much more attainable than you may imagine.

When it comes to designing a biophilic home with artificial greenery, we recommend handpicking your artificial plants, deliberating on their placements, and defining an overarching aesthetic you'd like to create.

Here are 7 more tips on how to incorporate artificial greenery into your biophilic home design:

1. Choose High-Quality Artificial Plants

An especially wonderful perk of artificial green walls is their incredible durability. These walls are made up of synthetic plants, foliage, and faux moss, which are typically constructed from fabrics or plastics. Many artificial greenscapes are created using UV-resistant materials, which helps prevent fading and damage from exposure to sunlight, ensuring your design stays fresh and vibrant. Furthermore, some artificial green walls are treated with fire-retardant chemicals, adding an extra layer of safety. 

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2. Strategic Placement

Arrange your artificial plants thoughtfully near windows or in well-lit corners, and mix and match different types to create the desired atmosphere. With careful placement, you can design a space that reflects your preferred ambiance and replicates the natural diversity of plants found in their real-life counterparts.


3. Vertical Greenery

Green walls are fan favourites - and for good reason. Artificial vertical gardens, or green walls, bring a lush and visually striking element to your home.

4. Mix with Natural Elements

Mix and match artificial greenery with natural materials like wood, stone, and natural fabrics to create a beautiful and balanced design. For a little sparkle, consider adding crystals!

Pro tip - Regularly dust and clean your artificial plants to maintain their realistic appearance and prevent them from looking artificial!

5. Create Natural Dividers 

Room dividers are underrated yet stunning ways to incorporate biophilic design into your home. Use tall artificial plants to create natural room dividers, or consider bamboo or wicker dividers to separate various areas of a room.

6. Focus on Realistic Planters

Select planters that resemble natural materials such as clay, stone, or wood to enhance the authenticity of artificial greenery.

7. Artificial Greenery Accessories

Wreaths aren't limited to holidays; you can design stunning wreaths for all seasons throughout the year. Enhance the natural touch in your home by incorporating other biophilic design elements like artificial garlands and floral arrangements.

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Don't overlook the opportunity to explore and embrace your unique vibe! The world of artificial plants is at your fingertips. Choose the aesthetic that resonates with you—whether it's calm and soothing, whimsically dreamy, or vividly bursting with colours. And if the multitude of options (tropical foliage, desert plants, lush forest greenery - there are so many to explore!) overwhelms you, we're here to help.

Greenscape is known for breathtaking room makeovers through the use of artificial greenery. Our expertise in creating stunning designs with artificial plants is second to none. But don’t take our word for it, have a peek at our residential gallery. Whether you're looking for privacy screens, potted plants, green walls, or boxwoods, we have the skills and knowledge to create the perfect artificial plant design that will stand the test of time.

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If you're looking to revamp your home with lush greenery or vibrant florals, we've got you covered. Beyond offering a diverse range of stunning artificial plants, we also provide installation services and design consultations for those who are just getting started.

Whether you're embracing the vitality of the summer patio season or cocooning during the winter, our designs are customizable and tailored to your preferences. As you delve into the world of biophilic design, remember its essence: fostering a connection to nature that nurtures well-being. Ultimately, home design serves as a pathway to express yourself and curate a haven of comfort and belonging.

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