Green Mandate – Memorable Decor Shouldn’t Cost the Earth!

Green Mandate – Memorable Decor Shouldn’t Cost the Earth!

By Corinne Kessel, Principal

Our Internal Practices

We believe in sustainable décor options and socially responsible practices to help protect & nourish our planet.

Exciting and memorable decor shouldn’t cost the earth.

Greenscape Design tropical flowers green decor options Greenscape Design pepperberry tree foliage green decor options Greenscape Design Black Bamboo green decor options

Did you know artificial “plantscaping”…

  • is regarded as having a positive environmental impact through the reduction in water consumption & harmful pesticides required for both the end user and in nursery production & decorative flower farming?
  • reduces carbon footprints by minimizing transportation needs of regular service & replacement of live plants & florals?

Wherever possible, we seek products and services identified as environmentally preferable in our internal practices and our product manufacturing.

Our Internal Initiatives:

  • extensive recycling program including paper, cardboard, soft plastics, wood products, mixed containers, batteries, printer toners and non bio materials
  • electronic delivery methods for communications whenever possible
  • 75% of our team use public transportation for work, meetings and tasks
  • filtered water cooler station instead of bottled water
  • partnering with transportation companies who utilize bio-diesel fuels, electric, or hybrid vehicles in their fleet
  • recyclable and recycled packing materials
  • the majority of our rentals occur within the Lower Mainland, thus making use of local resources and reducing environmental  transportation impacts
  • open the shades and turn off electrical supplies when not in use: lighting, computer machinery, office electronics, warehouse equipment
  • we wear sweaters and keep moving, maintaining fuel and electricity use for heating at a bare minimum.

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Green is the New Black!