How to Create a Zen Garden Oasis

How to Create a Zen Garden Oasis

Achieving the green garden oasis of your dreams can be challenging, especially when the weather isn’t cooperating. Fortunately, at Greenscape, we have many solutions to combat this!

How can we design and create a beautiful, year-round and low maintenance patio space?  For starters, it’s always important to understand the personal style and lifestyle of our clients.

This design project by our Residential & Commercial Designer, Sarah, was done in a Kitsilano home for a client who wanted a little more Zen to come home to, while maintaining the architectural details of her patio.  The client, like many Vancouverites, has a busy lifestyle and frequently travels abroad for business.  With that in mind, Sarah designed for her client an amazing space to sit back and relax in and also appreciate all of the places she has been.

Greencape Design Patio Decor Installation Greenscape Design Exterior Artificial Bamboo Zen Garden Vancouver Greenscape Design Exterior Zen Garden Planter Vancouver

A Zen Garden is the exterior focal point upstairs, which ties into the interactive bamboo garden and where the client can add special mementos gathered throughout her adventures around the world.

Greenscape Design Artificial Succulent Walls Greenscape Design Low Maintenance Green Walls

Succulent walls are framed and mounted on the lower level patios, drawing attention to the architectural detail of the building, and enhancing the views from the interior.

Artificial landscaping has all the visual benefits of living plants, without the maintenance, or attention required.  This is why they are such a great choice for achieving a peaceful, energizing look without all the hard work – let us do it for you!  Contact us today for a design consultation!

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