Decor Renovation – Burgoo Restaurant

Decor Renovation – Burgoo Restaurant

Burgoo Beauty!

By Christine Cox 

We recently had the pleasure of working with Justin of the Burgoo Food For Comfort restaurants to revamp their rustically charming patios at all 4 of their locations: Point Grey, North Vancouver, Mount Pleasant (Main Street), and Kitsilano. Burgoo is famous, not only for their delicious ‘straight from mom’s kitchen’ cuisine, but also their use of natural finishes and their down-home-country-cabin aesthetic.

To work within their existing design, we wanted to create a laid-back and relaxed feel. By using reclaimed wood planters, wine barrels and hanging baskets we were able to create a look for the patio so comforting it could rival their delicious Macaroni & More!

Burgoo strives to be reminiscent of simpler times, so take a moment out of your stressful day to go relax and have a drink on one of their newly redesigned patios. Their summer menu boasting daily drink special ranging from $4 – $6 is sure to leave your palate and your wallet satisfied – don’t forget to check out the plants while you’re there!

Greenscape Design Burgoo North Vancouver Patio Decor   Greenscape Design Burgoo Point Grey   Greenscape Design Burgoo Reclaimed Wood and Grass Planters

Greenscape Design Burgoo Artificial Exterior Hanging Baskets   Greenscape Design Burgoo Main Street Bamboo Wall   Greenscape Design Burgoo Main Street Reclaimed Wood Planters