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Wed, May 3rd, 2023

How to Incorporate Biophilia into your Office Design

At our core, we are connected to nature. When we surround ourselves with lush greenery and fresh air, we feel as if a wave of serotonin washes over us. Engulfing ourselves in natural settings has been shown to improve our general well-being.

Pulitzer Award winner and research biologist Edward O. Wilson coined the term ‘biophilia’ in 1984. Biophilia describes the traits of evolutionary adaptation - meaning even as humans evolve into a modern world, they still need to connect with the natural environment (

Studies show we spend up to 40 hours a week working indoors, that is 90% of our time! More studies prove that exposure to natural environments increases staff productivity by 15%. This says a lot about the effects nature has on humankind. Good air quality can decrease attention fatigue, increase concentration levels, and stimulate creativity. One human resource study, for example, discusses integrating biophilia into offices can increase productivity and reduce absenteeism, which increases overall profitability. It is then no surprise that our productivity levels plummet when we are confined to plain white walls and stuffy air. Overall, it is clear that biophilia in the workspace has a positive impact on the well-being of staff.

Biophilia can imporve productivity

Here are seven ways you can incorporate biophilic designs in the office space:

    1. Opt for natural materials
      Replicate nature with earthy tones and materials throughout the office. Using wood, stone, bamboo, rattan, and wicker can bring a sense of calm to the workspace.
    2. Play with lighting
      Skylights and windows can make a space feel less cramped, allowing us to feel more connected to the outside. Furthermore, exposure to natural light promotes the production of serotonin, which can improve mood and reduce stress levels.
    3. Create biophilic workstations
      By creating space for biophilic designs in the office, not only are you boosting morale, but you’re also designing an aesthetically pleasing sanctuary for your staff.
    4. Don’t shy away from ‘green walls’
      And no, we don’t mean slapping on a coat of green paint. ‘Green walls’ are feature walls comprised of live plants, moss, or faux materials. Make use of an otherwise plain wall and transform it into a natural oasis.
    5. Be mindful of airflow
      Fresh airflow keeps us more alert and naturally improves focus and performance. Proper airflow stimulation prevents stuffy offices and promotes staff productivity.
    6. Make space for indoor plants
      Indoor plants are stunning accents and can live almost anywhere in an office. The beauty of indoor plants is the variety to choose from. Whether you’re hoping to embellish shelves, desks, walls, or fill a corner with greenery, there’s a plant for your space. Pro tip - read the care instructions to keep your plant babies thriving!
    7. Consider patterns and textures found in nature
      Think Fibonacci spirals and honeycomb designs. Wallpapers, paintings, and other textiles that showcase biophilic design are a great way to bring texture and organic patterns to the office. Aesthetically pleasing and morale-boosting biophilic patterns go a long way in office settings.

Green walls for office spaces

Greenscape takes biophilic artistry greenery to the next level. With a focus on designing accessible and sustainable artificial greenery, we’re here to help you dress your space. Boost productivity, promote creativity, and elevate office morale with our stylish, functional, and customisable greenscapes.

Our approach to high-design plant artistry is affordable and low maintenance. Whether you’re looking to rent or purchase replica plants, artificial trees, or other biophilic designs, we work with you to plan the perfect green space from start to finish.

How Greenscape can make your plant dreams become reality:

  • We work with you from start to finish
  • We ensure all safety, logistics, and building codes are met
  • We build custom originals for your brilliant design ideas
  • We provide professional installation and tear-down
  • We offer off-site storage and transportation
  • We provide maintenance and long-term rental programs


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