Tips for Creating Privacy in Your Patio

Tips for Creating Privacy in Your Patio

Reclaim Your Patio – Tips for Creating Privacy

Hot summer days are finally here and we’re all running outside to our patios and balconies! What better way to relax then sipping a cool summer drink in your own outdoor oasis, right?

The problem is everyone else has the same idea. With all your neighbours within sight, it can be hard to unwind and enjoy your patio time. A plant screen is the perfect way to create some privacy, not to mention some cooling shade.

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Bamboo, grass and vertical gardens are all great ways to shield your outdoor space and make it secluded and inviting for you and your family. If sounds from the street are disrupting your backyard retreat, consider adding a water feature to block background noise.

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Water features are relaxing and peaceful, but also flexible. They can be as small or grandiose as you like.

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The design team from Greenscape Design & Décor can help you to create the patio that you want, tailored to your budget.  Contact Us today!

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