Party in Wonderland

Party in Wonderland

Who doesn’t love a tea party?! Go back to the whimsy of falling down the rabbit hole and getting caught up in the wonder of a classic, Alice in Wonderland. Greenscape Design & Décor has everything you need to take your event all the way to the Queen’s croquet match, with a winning Alice in Wonderland themed event. Here are some ways to create the look:

Queen of Hearts Theme:

Wrought iron gates and dressed with greenery are the perfect way to kick off the magical experience. Leading the way to the main area for guests is an easy way to delineate the space, and create some intriguing visual interest from the very start of the guests experience. Creating a canopy of branches illuminated with fairy lights would also add to the ambience and add lush red rose arrangements everywhere; in vases, on tables, on the ground, as a backdrop, the more the better. Finally, accessorize your space with clocks, wood signage, and oversized chess pieces to complete the look.

Greenscape Design - boxwood backdrop floral wall alice in wonderland themed  Greenscape Design - Blue Garden Wrought Iron Gates Trees Topiaries  Greenscape Design - Wishing tree curly willow alice in wonderland themed

Mad Hatter Tea Party Theme:

Colourful and whimsical décor elements will transport your guests to Wonderland. Use wood furniture décor – mushroom stump seating is a brilliant touch, colourful lanterns, candelabras and trees to create a tea time experience worthy of a visit from the Mad Hatter! It’s a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party after all, so take the decor to the vast and craziest parts of your imagination in creating Alice’s Wonderland for your guests.

Greenscape Design - Alice and Wonderland rustic table setting tea party  Greenscape Design - Mad Hatter Tea Party themed centrepiece gates boxwood  Greenscape Design - Assorted Lanterns tea party alice and wonderland themed

The Queen’s Croquet Grounds:

An Alice in Wonderland themed event wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Queen of Hearts and round on her croquet grounds. Boxwood hedges and large canopy trees accented with red roses (synonymous with the Queen of Hearts) surrounding the perimeter. Surround the space with playing card accents, and arches with greenery, even a real croquet game on the go – these will all add some visual interest and a little event entertainment too. And don’t forget the heart accents and pink flamingos for fair play!

Greenscape Design - Iron Gates dressed with Red florals alice in wonderland the queen of hearts theme  Greenscape Design - Queen of Hearts croquet boxwood arch with red florals boxwood hedge  Greenscape Design - Queen of Hearts flamingo croquet alice in wonderland theme

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