IDSWest 2013 – Holiday Decor

IDSWest 2013 – Holiday Decor

IDSWest 2013 – It’s Easy to Be Green!

A big THANK YOU to everyone who stopped by our green tree and carefully counted the number of leaves on it at IDSWest last week!  We have sifted through your entries and found our winner! Aidan B had the very closest guess of 5960, only 3 away from the correct number of 5963! We had guesses that ranged from 2 million down to zero (technically no leaves, since they were all fake!). We know you’ll enjoy your Wine Bar, Aidan, perfect for enjoying with friends before the hectic holiday season begins!

It took our team a total of 16 hours to construct our 18’ tall tree, which was built on a natural wooden structure and branches salvaged from a condo development site clearing.  Rather than end up in a wood chipper, our tree found a new life in our inventory! Each small branch has 27 leaves on it, so that is 4 branches per minute for our fast working team!

Did you know that Greenscape provides both interior and exterior plantscaping designs for commercial and residential spaces?  Our Creative Director, Melissa and our Greenscape team, have brought environments to life all over North America. Melissa’s work was recently featured in an editorial shoot for Homes and Living Magazine – so keep your eyes peeled for their Holiday issue, which will be out in November!

Greenscape can build an interior or exterior décor package for any style, any size, any design need and of course, any budget – so please contact us to bring your space to life while you focus on what’s really important to you – your family! Or your business! Or your clients! We can provide short term rentals of décor, fresh floral centerpieces and everything else you need to make your space beautiful and hassle free.

Contact us today, it’s easy to be green!

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