Holiday Trees & Decor

Do you want to transform your space for the holidays? We have what you need! Christmas Trees and interactive Santa décor, playful Easter Bunny sets, Springtime Cherry Blossom items, vibrant Autumn Harvest displays, spooky and fun Halloween sets, New Year’s Eve celebrations, Chinese New Year decorations, and so much more!

commercial christmas tree in office building lobby with red, white and silver decor, 16' tall
close up shot through the trees of holiday photo op, white and gold, cut out aframe wood trees and flocked christmas tree forest

Allow Us To Transform Your Space

From the moment you decide to work with us, we’ll handle all of your needs. We take great care of absolutely everything, big or small.

  • Designing and planning the concept
  • Project management, from start to finish
  • Ensuring safety, logistics, and building codes are met
  • Custom-built originals for any idea
  • Professional installation and tear-down
  • Off-site storage and transportation
  • Maintenance and long-term rental programs

Allow us to transform your space with our critically acclaimed designs.

Beautiful holiday displays without any of the hassles.

We love celebrating the holidays! No matter the occasion, we have the décor to transform your space. We do festive Christmas décor and interactive Santa décor, whimsical Easter Bunny sets, springtime cherry blossom décor, vibrant Autumn harvest displays, spooky Halloween sets, New Year’s Eve celebrations, Chinese New Year decorations and so much more!

Chinese New Year decor with 12' cherry blossom canopy tree and lanterns

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